Browser/s of choice

Maxthon has long been a favourite due to it's ability to personalise which is similar to other browsers but i find maxthon to be the quickest to load among all i have tried with the same features and love the sidebar,ease of favourites and more. However, for simple browsing of articles without need for fancy videos etc. I find Dillo can,t be beaten. It is loaded before you lift your finger off the mouse button. It takes a bit of learning to customise it for prefered search engine ,home page,cookies,etc., but the instructions on it's home page are written in a very accessible manner for those of us alienated from computer language and programming.FYI Dillo can be used on most platforms, windows,linux,etc. whereas maxthon unfortunately has not yet been ported to linux which is an operating system i am gradually converting to.(esp. ubuntu which is idiot proof anything you want used that it cant do it asks if you want it to install the necessary programs and drivers, which are all free) but that is for another day!