Curious results of this poll

Considering Internet Explorer comes with windows, it is somewhat of a tragedy for Microsoft that Firefox turns out to be more popular. Now that said, is it because those completing the poll are geeks and would gravitate to Firefox because of technical reasons or do most computer users stick with what Microsoft gives them?

Another curiosity I'd like to know the answer to is: Are polls held to obtain real world information or are they always going to attract users who are more technical than the majority? I have a family with 4 females and at my office there are another 2. All of them happily surf away with Internet explorer oblivious to the possibility there may be an alternative.

Follow through further and I ask about Google's user statistics. Microsoft supply Internet Explorer with 'Bing' search engine virtually embedded in it whilst if one of my female users wanted to "Google something" they just type their question into the bing window, oblivious to the fact they are querying bing/Yahoo and not Google.

Can anyone therefore say that polls like this one actually show us what happens in the real world? I'd put more faith in data collection created this way if an incentive leaning towards female needs were offered to those who completed the poll. Any suggestions?