Firefox and Safari

I use Firefox primarily. Although, when I view the training modules on my seiu benefits for my continuing education, I have to start using Safari. I recently updated Firefox from 17 to 23. While the training modules were problem free with the older Firefox browser, the modules kept quitting on the newer browser. So, when that happens I have to open Safari; because it is an older browser. I talked with tech support and the guy told me that for now anyway, the Firefox browser may be too new for the training modules.

But, there are some sites, like Discovery, that have a comments section and while I can read the article on Firefox, if I want to read or leave a comment, I have to open Safari. I think it's weird; but, because I find I have to do it regularly, I'm thinking this must be the way it is nowadays.

Do I like it? Not especially; but, I've accepted it.