boot priority, etc.

by hikergirl - 3/30/13 3:50 PM

In Reply to: answers by Kees_B Moderator

1) "...the person who installed all the new info took it upon himself to change the boot priority to disc" I want to reverse this and have the boot priority without disc. Are you able to help with this instruction?
2) I thought the external hard drive would have a drive. The manufacturer of the external hard drive suggested a program, which I attempted to run but, without .NET Fx 4, I cannot complete the program. So, this "hardware", as you say, is what I was thinking would have a driver. So, that is why I contacted the hard drive's manufacturer.
3) .NET Framework Client Profile. This is the combo pack. I had a slew of critical updates that needed installing but I could not get them to install. I did now know why. I had previously tried the system's defragmenter - to no avail. When running another freeware to clean up the hard drive, I realized that company also had a free defragmenter - defraggler. I ran it; it worked - the defragmentation was why the critical updates would not install.
4) "What you want to do with a driver for IE6?" I asked if IE6 has a driver and, if so, where would I find an update for it. You say only hardware has drivers - OK - question answered.
5) I will try the Tools>Windows update, but I have not been able to find - or know where to find - updates for IE6. However, all available updates have recently been installed; I checked again this morning. There are no other updates available. Also, since IE6 is no longer supported by Microsoft, I must look for the updates myself. I would not know where to start looking. I did do a site search, but I couldn't understand what I was reading. There are no dates attached to the Knowledge Base articles, so I don't know where else to look. But, don't forget - if I'm not running IE7 or IE8, Microsoft will not let me into its site for any reason. Therefore, I do not know where to turn for "on-the-street" experience with either of these two browsers.

Mr. Haninger's post is incomprehensible - to me.

One more question - If I try to install IE8, will it automatically uninstall IE6????? I will have to assume IE8 will use less resources (I have to ask, because minimal storage space is why I use an external hard drive.)