by Kees_B Moderator - 3/30/13 2:06 PM

In Reply to: problems/questions on IE6 by hikergirl

1. There is no general tutorial for the BIOS, because different BIOS'es have different ways of getting into the setup and different ways of defining the boot sequence. Moreover, it's not clear from your post what the current priority is, why you want to change it and what you want it to be.
2. Your contacting the manufacturer of the (what?) external hard drive comes out of the blue. There's nothing in your post before that point that mentions a hard drive, nor gives even the faintest idea of why you should contact the manufacturer.
3. What is a "combo pack" and why does that mean you don't need .Net if you seem to need it to do something (what??) with that external drive.
4. Programs don't have drivers. Only hardware has drivers. What you want to do with a driver for IE6?
5. Updates for a program come from Windows updates. In IE just go to Tools>Windows update and see what they offer.
6. See the post by wpgwpg about getting IE8. It runs very well on XP.