If your computer has been restored to factory settings

by Steven Haninger - 3/30/13 1:52 PM

In Reply to: problems/questions on IE6 by hikergirl

it's probable that drivers are not up to date. If you PC is older, it's also possible that some hardware is defective. Your error points to a hardware or driver failure. It could also be a memory issue. Before addressing the old browser, I'd do a hardware analysis using tools such as memtest86 and also a hard drive testing utility to check the disk for media integrity. You mentioned changing of the boot priority. I can only guess but it could be that your system was set to look at the hard drive first. In order to use factory restore media, the priority would have needed to be changed to first check the CD/DVD ROM device. It's easy enough to enter the BIOS and return to having the hard drive placed first in the boot order. You'd just need to know what key or keys to use during startup to interrupt the process and enter the setup screens. From there, you could also look for default startup settings to help eliminate any custom settings from being the cause of your hardware error. In any event, fixing IE won't make the error go away. You will need a more current version of update manager to get all your MS security updates.