Also have question-which browser won't hijack searches

I am new here so I apolgize in advance for anything I do (lol).

I don't have a staff, including youngins, to help with this. The desktop is about 8 years old but it does the trick and even if the money was there to replace, I just can't see spending on a new one when we could do 15 spay/neuter/shots with the money.

I am having a problem where when I type in a search in Google [have Chrome], then click on the item, very often, I am "hijacked" and taken elsewhere. Ultimately, Spryliving or something comes up, although I briefly see something like ClickLiveSearch or Butterfly search...

To make matters worse, I can't even go backwards, such as by clicking the <-- button, and pick another search result.

Tried just cutting and pasting the websites but besides being a waste, as we know, the full website isn't available if it is a long one. I need to get this fixed once and for all, esp since with what I do with animal law, since I must be very specific*, I am not exactly rolling in choices for what I am looking for.

Any ideas?


*something like: Second Circuit animal fighting federal charge when state charged incorrectly.