Re: characters

by Kees_B Moderator - 3/4/13 9:27 AM

In Reply to: CNET Web Site messed up by Frederic Cote

Nice name you have. But it seems something went wrong when converting from Unicode to non-Unicode. If you alert this post (the yellow triangle) and tell what it should be, our forum manager, mr Lee Koo, can try to change it to what you want. That's personal service, isn't it?
I doubt, however, if diacritical marks (accents) are supported in our user names. They aren't in posts. Neither are Chinese characters. It's strictly ASCII up to 127, I'm afraid. But, as a European, I sympathise with your point of view.

Just to note, it aren't html-characters. The last letter in html stands for language, so it's a language, not a character set.

And also to note, it's not the website that is messed up. It's only the database that contains a few strange characters.

And, no, the forum software doesn't allow posting pictures. But that's a so unrelated issue that it's not relevant.