Best Web Browser

by mcgoome - 3/2/13 8:27 PM

In Reply to: Which is the best web browser? by technologysnip10

Here are the top three: Chrome. Google Chrome loads quickly for the first few months after you have it and then starts to slow down. Some websites don't like it, while others do. It is also made by Google, making it awesome. If you use Google software a lot, go with Chrome. Safari. Safari is pretty slow at first, but then gets just a little bit faster. If you use Apple Devices, go with it. There are many cool features for IOS or Mac devices. Safari goes well with all kinds of websites. It's a slower browser and it can be tricky to find add-ons for it. Firefox-firefox is a standard browser. The tabs are like Safari, but the way its set up is entirely different from Chrome and Safari. It loads same speed, and just keeps chugging along. Most advanced features are not formatted for Fire Fox, simply because Apple and Google control the world right now, and all the cool features are on Chrome and Safari. But Fire Fox is very reliable. It can be tricky to make it work. Everything is simple, secure, and fast on all of these browsers. It's all just a matter of personal opinion-whether you like Apple, Google, or want to go Rogue with Mozilla Fire Fox. I use all three of them on a regular basis. You'll find that they're always in the top five on any ratings on browsers out there. If you still use Internet Explorer, I would highly suggest downloading a different browser.