With the end of FF 3.6, looking for a new browser

by platinum_78 - 5/3/12 7:33 AM

Hello all,

With my beloved FF 3.6 at the end of its life, I'm looking for a replacement.

My requirements are a status bar, customizable toolbars (so I can have back/forward, refresh and home in a group), menu bar, a web developer/debugger package (such as Firebug), and preferably a throbber or the ability to add one with an extension.

Currently 3.6 fits the bill perfectly, and I know that it will be tough to fill its shoes. I've tried Chrome (no status bar, too simplistic looking toolbars for my taste), opera (found the toolbars confusing) Safari (can't customize the tool bars, no throbber), IE9 and FF7.

I dislike the trend toward making desktop browsers look like mobile/touch interfaces, so I'm hoping there's still a browser out there for the desktop market.

Please no flame wars - I'm just looking for suggestions of other browsers to try.

Thanks for your time!