Mozilla Firefox crashes & won't let me access certain sites

by Scoobyfan - 5/7/10 8:49 PM

Good Evening, Everyone!

I am using Mozilla Firefox, and often have this irritating problem: Whenever I exit Firefox, either through the white "x" on the upper right corner or by going to File and Exit, and then attempt to return to Firefox, it won't let me. I often get the comment that Firefox is trying to shut down and needs to close. I then have to use CTL, ALT, DEL to open the processes and shut down Firefox from there and then restart it. Sometimes I don't get the comment about it needing to shut down, but shut it down using CTL , ALT and DEL anyway. This can happen several times a day -- even if I turn off my computer -- and is very annoying. It doesn't matter how much time lapses before exiting and re-entering Firefox.

I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3. The crashing also happened with the version before this one. The only thing that I think may be related to this problem is that when I had problems with a Mozilla add-on, the Mozilla troubleshooting instructions told me to create a new profile and delete the old one. Ever since then, I've had the crashing problem.

I've tried disabling add-ons and extensions, and other suggestions by Mozilla Firefox forums, but nothing works. I've asked other people who use Firefox, but they claim to not have this problem.

Another problem that I have is that when I attempt to access parts of my banking account or screen shots/links on some of the other websites, I can't. I was able to do this with Firefox 3.5. without any problem. (I click on the link or on "submit," but nothing happens.)

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd hate to return to IE, which I've been having to do to access my bank account. By the way, my sister has problems accessing some of her accounts too.

I'd appreciate any assistance!