Goodbye Boated Windows - Hello LINUX (Ubuntu)

by sonicdeth - 9/13/11 2:09 PM

Going with Ubuntu is the best thing I could have done! After dealing with licensing issues with Windows after swapping out hardware from my PC, I decided to give the Live Ubuntu disc a shot that I had laying around... Well, I tried it and I'm absolutely loving it! I wish I'd done this a while ago. No more bloated Windows crap anymore. Plus it has all the programs I need like before, or at least a comparable app that does the same thing. It's very fast! Downloading software is a breeze with the Software Center, and they're FREE! I managed to locate a driver for my printer/scanner combo. I'm loving the Linux world. I've seen the light and I am glad that I didn't have to shell out a couple hundred bucks for a full retail copy of Windows like I thought I was going to have to!