Latest web designing tehcniques

by Harshada321 - 6/7/13 3:28 AM

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" Developing for different platforms:- web pages are being viewed on smart phones, tablets, and all manner size of portable devices these days. And it's only going to increase. Being able to develop your design motif so that it adapts to whatever device, or making it so that it can support these different types of displays is becoming more and more important.
__ Fixed headers or anchored elements:- on the page that keep certain menus and options available while content changes around it. This is normally keyed around making navigation easy and easy to understand.
__ Artistic landing pages :- this could be large artistic graphics/photos or very simple ones that keep things spartan and easy to see. This will always depend on your client's needs and tastes.
__Use of HTML5 and CSS3 techniques:- such as transparencies, video, animations. There are quite a few new things that can be done with the new added features.
__ Social media links:- With social media being of more and more importance and relevance to search engines, there's also been a proliferation of different social media icons.
__ Typography:-
Along with the advances in html5 and css3, you have many more options and control over type on the screen.

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