I see you see what I saw.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 2/14/13 11:52 AM

In Reply to: Thanks for your opinion, Bob. by artsnorthwest

Let me tip my hand a little. One of my projects are apps on handhelds. Today we call these things "smart phones" but I started long ago when it was a "Palm Pilot."

Given the rather small (or big?) screen we would always give the screen a quick look to see how the elements "felt" on the page. There's entire courses taught on this and I've heard it called many names over the years but for me, it's the feel you get when you see the elements laid out on the page.

Your page is fine so I shared an area that felt like the items had that random dropped on the area look. Adding the text helped that a bit.

-> It's nice to start with a good page and not one of those disaster pages.