Worst & Horrible service.

by manganam - 8/14/12 2:34 AM

In Reply to: RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting by tuongthao

Worst & Horrible service. Never ever go for 1and1 for domain services, even if they give free/money for buying their domain.
I bought a domain from them 10 months ago, then I wanted to transfer it to another domain registrar and I unlocked my domain for that. They unlocked my domain from their side and told me that the domain was unlocked, so they couldn't do the transfer!!!
Unprofessional support. Someone from support says, "It is transferred already" and some other says "you have to re-initiate the transfer again". Seems, they don't have enough know-how about the procedures. Sure, they are answering your support calls from some out-sourcing companies in Philippians or some Asian countries. They don't have much privilege to do anything for you. They can maximum escalate your call to a higher level. That's it. So, don't expect any miracles from support team.
After 6th day, I have re-initiated the domain transfer request again. So far they didn't do the transfer.
It's the 8th day, I have been asking for release.
There are many cursing/experiences against 1and1 over in webpages/reviews from many users. Please give a read all those review and decide to buy anything from 1and1.