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by earleytech - 6/1/12 6:06 PM

In Reply to: 1and1 Hosting and Other Services by AMittal9

My experience had nothing to do with Google as I wasn't running adwords, etc. My problem was shortly after being billed my card was frauded (but I could never prove it had anything to with them and wouldn't even try), so I cancelled my card. I used the service maybe a week and even then the software was quirky... many times changes wouldn't save and buttons didn't work. I gave up and thought I requested to cancel, but I started getting letters threatening my credit report. Long story short, I offered every way to pay what I owed (as they would just state "Per your contract" to everything I would say) as far as dropping a check or cash off at their office outside of Phila. They would not allow any other form of payment other than a credit card and I just wasn't going to give it to them again. They were rude about it and the only way it stopped and they changed their tune with me and "wiped the slate clean" was after letters to the BBB, and Attorney Generals Office/Bureau of Consumer Protection and they finally cancelled the account and I haven't got a letter since. I will have to check my next credit report though once LifeLock updates it. People shouldn't have to do that when there is a misunderstanding. I could see if I just said "forget you I'm not paying" ... but I offered to settle the debt and they wouldn't have it any other way but with my credit card info. So, although I don't doubt there are customers that are happy as I would never have even posted and wrote letters if they would have just understood where I was coming from and taken another form of payment. I found it rather suspect that a company acted this way with me about it, I mean who turns down full payment of services never used? They could see I didn't really use the service but to make one quick page with a couple links and then nothing... that is where I was with them. I just hope you or anyone else doesn't have to experience something like this with any company. Good luck!