1&1 Terrible Customer Service

by theBackLine - 3/18/10 10:58 AM

In Reply to: Support for UK customer of 1&1 Internet. by chris.bailes

Absolutely horrible Customer Service from 1&1.

They went straight to Collections (NCO) instead of making an effort to contact me about my Credit Card expiry. (Same number of course, just a new expiry date.)

My "on file" email address changed some time ago since I had to change ISP's. I never log into 1&1 since their servers are so desperately slow and clogged. I rely on them to notify me when I need to update my C Card - like all the other businesses I interact with.

They won't send me a letter, or postcard.
They won't telephone me - or even program a computer to phone me and tell me to log in: "There is a problem."
If only they had another email address to contact me through. Hmmmm.

Oh wait I have 3 email addresses.

Let me see where are they registered ?
Oh yeah, with 1&1.com !!!

They couldn't flick me a message at any one of my THREE 1&1.com addresses to say "Log in there is a problem." ??
(Y'know this can be automated these days they have these new-fangled things called Computers you can program them to send an email, place a phone call. Its amazing. If only you guys were in an IT business Oh, wait a minute )

Nope - straight to collections.
With an $18.95 Late Fee
plus a negative impact on my Credit Rating.

Thanks for the Cust service !

Notice that one of the Menu choices when you phone their 800 number is:
'Press 2 if you received a letter from a Collections Agency.'

Makes me wonder if these guys OWN the Collections Agency too ?

Now the Collections Agency wants the Confirmation Number that my Bank issues to me when I make a Bill Payment ?

Do I give it to them ? Hmmmm.

Very fishy.