Cash Cow that's all they are

by samiam0123 - 7/8/09 2:46 PM

In Reply to: 1 and 1 and collections - Stay Away by elfrio06

They don't care about giving money back to you, they just want your money. I used their service to do some searches for domain names because they were cheap, i used the back button to enter each search, upon paying for my choice, I find that I was billed for all the searches that I made and no where in my transaction did it indicate that I was being billed for my searches. I called billing and they were patronizing and rude and blamed me for using the back button in my search. They claimed that when i use the back button after my search results are given to me that the browser cached my search results and probably added it to my cart (which i did not see in my check out process) which was what I was trying to explain to them. They continue to say it's not their fault that I used the back button. There have been other issues with them where their entire website user experience lacks any intuitiveness or common sense as well as preselected fields that easily trap the user to buying something they don't want.