Aplus.net suck - problems for 6 days!!! Yes 6 days.

by AngryBloke - 12/5/07 3:43 AM

What kind of a bunch of muppets are Aplus.net? Aplus.net suck - they really do... want to know why :

Their Phoenix data centre has had major bandwidth and connectivity problems for a month or two - yet last Thursday (29th November 07) our dedicated servers went down and as of 4pm yesterday (4th December 07) they were still not operational - being accessible for <5% of the time.

10's of calls to their support lines, their tech support and even live call - nothing. They cannot say when things will be online again - they seriously have no idea what they are doing!

Just for a few pointers :

a. ever heard of a disaster recovery plan (cos moving 4000 servers using cars to drive 5miles with them one by one it seems is not one I have heard of!)

b. they are clearly cutting their loses by moving to the new data centre early - regardless of the fact it's probably not 100% operational.

c. i take it they had no SLA with their contractors... tw4ts... otherwise connectivity and bandwidth could have been restored under t&c's

d. their support clearly are incompetent as they told me on Sunday night, "they might move my server today, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after - we just don't know!!"

We are lucky as we host a plain old html site on Aplus dedicated servers, but it's built and ftp'd automatically from our Rackspace servers simply to spread our risk and to use different IP ranges.

SO we canned their servers yesterday and within 4 hours had new servers up and running and live with another company... we weren;t the first to move either.

So here's to this little problem losing you millions of dollars Aplus.net you bunch of muppets!

Anyone have the email addresses for some of the senior bods... I am sure the format is :

'firstname' 'lastname first letter' @ aplus.net

e.g. SarahJ @ aplus (dot) net

But can someone confirm - then we can all bombard the senior guys... wasting their time will make them give us some money back

Angry Bloke