Do Not use MochaHost as a Web Hosting company

by jasonillini - 11/18/07 10:25 PM

I have just recently tried to leave Mochahost as my hosting server. They have taken over 3 business days to complete a simple domain transfer. Along with this they are now taking 4 days to finalize the transfer. All of this is amazing to me since the transfer is only the click of a button.

How is it that can complete my transfer in less than 20 minutes yet it is taking Mochahost over 1 week to complete this same transfer?

Along with Mochahost's business practices being called into question their service is terrible as you can never get any customer service and there is never anyone in the office to answer the phone. To top this off I have had numerous days where my service has been completely out and non-functional. I would highly suggest that anyone stay away from this company. And if you are currently with them I would highly recommend you seriously consider transferring to another hosting service. If you would like a recommendation as to a great hosting service. I have found to be nothing but perfect. My websites as well as email addresses have never gone down and their customer support and service is nothing but exemplary.

Please everyone stay away from Mochahost and their terrible business practices. They bring everyone else down and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars to be lost in business revenue each year. If you have also had problems with Mochahost please respond and we can then communicate.