1 and 1 and collections - Stay Away

by elfrio06 - 7/31/07 2:45 PM

In Reply to: Small Site by sknis

Stay away from 1and1.com. They are mean and nasty to their customers from a billing standpoint. I spoke with a Ian Morris this guys has no compasion. My username and password were comprimised and I got a police report to validate the claim. Thye refuse to wiave the charges of $40.41 cents. They sent it to collections. Remember, if they send it to collections must write a letter back to dispute the charges within 30 days. I did this and the collection agency sent the claim back and closed it out. However, 1and1 refuses to give me the authorization code to get them back. The sadi thing I never had a bag experience until now. None of their people will make exceptions even if you jump through their hoops. Remember, if they send you to collections dispute the claim within 30 days otherwise it will show up on your credit report. I spoke to people at NCO agency they will make with your SSN even if you didnt give it to them and it can show up on your credit report. I opened a case with the FTC, BBB, and my us attorneys office. This isnt even about the money. Its about what they are doing is just wrong. Please do the same. Thanks.