by randyx--2008 - 12/23/05 6:45 PM

In Reply to: Avoid 1&1 hosting service by reviwer123

Buyer Beware!!! They have a home-grown email system that fails often. To add to their less-than-adequate systems and services, just recently they made everyone change their name servers. If you did not get the email (I missed it because their email service is so unreliable) they went through and systematically deleted all of your domain names from their system-- as well as all corresponding email boxes. I had an entire company of programmers working when all of a sudden their email just DISAPPEARED! And then our website just disappeared!!!

Customer service replied: "If you are dissatisfied with your service we are more than happy to discontinue it for you" Lovely... just what you want to hear from your customer service representative.

I am doing just that... shopping for a RELIABLE service provider.

Good luck 1&1-- Just a bunch of BOZO's on the bus...