First time scripter

by Magnivore703 - 3/17/12 12:11 PM

Okay, I am brand new to scripting. The most I've don't was edit some autoexecs for games. Yeah, pretty noobish. SO, lucky for you guys that my question is very simple too.
Really, all I want to do it make a notepad file that will open a few programs at once so that way I don't have to go through a short process to get Skyrim to open. Currently, I have to open an FPS booster, run Skyrim with the SKSE, then run my SBW. Pardon the nerd-language. Once again, run something to boost my frames, run a script extender which allows certain mods to work, then run a small program to get my windowed Skyrim to run in a borderless windowed full-screen mode. As I said I know little-nothing about scripting, but I figured it would be something as simple as:
run C:\(path to booster)
run C:\(path the SKSE)
wait x seconds for Skyrim to load up
run C:\(path to SBW)
Can anybody help me out with this? It would save me a lot of time, and probably encourage me to write other simple scripts for other things and therefore make me feel like i know what I'm doing.