Internet is not the whole purpose of computers

by 4Denise - 6/16/13 3:57 PM

In Reply to: Too old for internet by libertyunderlaw

I understand your reasoning, but there are still people who would love it. In fact, it would be an ideal starter computer for a child (of a reasonable age). My first computer was hopelessly out of date and could not possibly have connected to the internet, but I learned a lot by using it. I admit that I didn't have it for long, but that short time taught me a lot that I then used when I bought my brand new computer (which had Windows Me on it, so I would up learning a lot about how to make an operating system work when it was garbage to begin with!).

Yes, those very old computers have very limited uses, but they are not entirely useless. If you wipe out the hard drive and reinstall the operating system, you might be surprised how happy you can make someone who might otherwise not get a computer.