When I move to a new machine...

by 4Denise - 6/15/13 4:34 PM

In Reply to: ARRRGH! (knashes teeth & rips out hair) by nbahn

I find someone I know who needs the old one. If I ever run out of those people, I will find someone who knows someone who needs it. There are many people in the world who cannot afford to buy a computer at all. Those people consider your old machine a blessing.

I do a clean install, put in the updates and a free antivirus program, and teach them to take care of the machine properly, if they don't already know. Then I send it home with them. Not only is it a blessing, but it allows people who would otherwise not have access to a computer to learn to use one, it allows their children to get homework done, and I get to teach safe computing to someone who might otherwise not know that downloading copyrighted software is illegal and harboring viruses on your computer is a risk to other computers. Not one of those people have not kept their machines clean and legal.