How long XP works-no! Security Issues? Why Worry

Kaprqn, wow, to say the least, you are fascinating! You obviously love to hang on to all those digital toys you have accumulated since '86. I am wondering, however, if you have felt the need to abandon them and treat yourself to hours and hours of new and what I think are fascinating directions, dare I say new VISTAs.

Sure, you can continue using XP, and I will too. But very shortly, I will switch. My wife just did. She began experiencing slow downs. Then tried to find upgrades to her XP drivers. Local big box stores tried to repair her machine. Nothing worked. Finally, it only cost her $449.99 to get a Dell Inspiron 660s, with 6GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory and 1 Whopping Terabyte of Hard Drive memory. She has Windows 8 and purchased Windows 8 for Dummies. She is a Phi Beta Kappa and is anything but a "dummy."

My evolving point is that for very little money you get incredible computing power and storage and not have to worry about outdated security. And with that capacity you gain so much flexibility. Video production I am experienced at. The computing power needed for videos is so much greater than it was just three years ago.

My wife was just searching for the new "Bing" toolbar which has the ability to translate foreign languages. I just signed on to a new methodology that challenges PowerPoint as a presentation tool. A friend of mine is working with me to launch a new interactive social networking tool.

So, why would you resist upgrading ASAP? You must be retired. You can't have a need for storing, processing or transmitting voluminous data to anyone. No, you must just love working with the antiquities. I do believe you could probably hold onto your current system and eventually sell it as a total package which would pay for entry into this "Brave New World."

I am presenting this with the believe, born through experience, that around every corner in cyberspace there are the most exciting advances. I regularly tune into the TED Ideas Worth Spreading series of talks on my IPad. I can't think of why I would ever want to go back to the slow and aggravatingly small floppies of the past. That just seems like self-inflicted torture. Security? I currently protect myself with MalwareBytes and CCleaner along with my normal Norton that comes with Comcast.

Hope these comments are helpful.

Dave S.