"Use" is Easy.. Just Do It.. "Security" Is Another Thing....

Newly discovered security vulnerabilities to the operating system will not be patched when Microsoft discontinues XP support.. If those vulnerabilities apply to you and your use of the computer, then the machine runs the risk of getting malware or at least, being susceptible to the vulnerability. If you're using your computer on the internet, it's a risk.. If you are using your computer as a standalone machine, apart from access by the internet or other means of infection, there's not much risk at all.

In addition, as other third party programs are updated regarding security issues, they won't be tested for XP.. Drivers and other apps simply won't include XP in their testing process.. Each one of those apps will eventually become unusable on an XP machine and future workable applications will be harder and harder to find..

Basically, the best advice is to move to a current computer with a current operating system.

That said, some folks simply can't get the new operating system because of financial issues.. Remember, since security is 90% related to the person behind the keyboard, some users may still choose to use the older operating system. A few will do well.. Others won't. I now some who are still using Windows 98 and Window 2000 simply because they "can".

Hope this helps.