by cmullinsjr - 4/5/13 12:51 PM

In Reply to: I have this problem too. by kahakura

It infected my browsers (IE and Firefox 20) when I downloaded Firefox 20 from CNET.
1. Depending on your browser, go to "Manage Add-ons" and remove anything that looks like or toolbar and "Remove" them all.
2. Under Internet options, find the setting for your "default search engine", and replace with your choice, ie Yahoo, Google, Bing, because has inserted itself as your new default.
3. On Windows platform, go to Control Panel and "Add Remove Programs", may say just "Programs". After all your installed programs are listed, find anything that looks like and "Uninstall" all of them.
For more info, you can go to the following website which I used for reference:
It helped me. Good luck.
4. I also disabled the Java Add-ons because there was a security breach in one of the latest downloads. I'll reload "Java" when I read in the Forums that the breach has been fixed.
5. I've also read that IE 10 is susceptible, but so is IE 9 which I'm using.
Best advice, look VERY CAREFULLY when your computer asks whether or not to allow program to access the Internet. I probably clicked on a "Download" link that appeared legitimate but it wasn't.