Cnet downloads is fine BUT ...

by Edward ODaniel - 3/30/13 10:37 PM

In Reply to: dj mix by josiane58

what you want to do is avoid the packaged installer. When you find a program you want to download use the direct link rather than the green download button.

For instance on this link to Word Counter you see the green Download Now button immediately below the program name. If you look at it it mentions "Cnet installer enabled" and has a little i in a circle. If you mouse over that information symbol it tells you about the installer.

Just beneath that green Download Now button is the link you want to use. It says simply "Direct Download Link" and using it avoids the installer that offers up all those other potentially undesired applications and toolbars.

Now, some publishers have opted out of the use of the installer and their page simply has the green Download Now button but it DOESN'T mention "Cnet installer enabled" and is safe to use.