figured out what to get

by budbd - 3/27/13 2:11 AM

In Reply to: Yeah, I have a new computer already... by budbd

Okay, just in case anyone else reads this, I figured out I don't need more than the 10/100 Ethernet port on my old computer, most routers only do 100, and my old video built in is the culprit, so I bought a 8x agp Geforce 6200 512mb card for my agp slot, that will fix my choppy video, most likely. I decided to max out my memory to 4gb by purchasing a pair of 1gb pc2700 memory sticks, 2gb more than I had, well, I have till the upgrade 2x1gb card and two 512 mb cards, now I'll have four 512mb cards pc2700 I'll likely sell for a few bucks.

Come to find out, from reading reviews, that choppy video is most often all about low video card abilities. I really feel the simple Pentium 4 processor will be up to the task, I really hope, but I may or may not if it don't try to get a used hyperthreading virtual dual core processor for an upgrade if it don't.