There's a lot of ground to cover here.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 3/26/13 3:21 PM

In Reply to: Controllers by bjh1225

1. You installed XP Professional. But not a word about service packs.

I find many drivers today will not install on that version but wait till you get it up to SP2 at the very least.

2. All those items require drivers that MSFT does not supply.

I can't supply direct links but you as the owner should have driver CDs and documentation.

3. Install order matters.

I'm going to supply a link as an -> EXAMPLE <- and what it's for so you have a game plan.

Notice the install order and how the drivers were not on a web page? Same story here. Not much new. But this brings up a big question. Ready?

-> Is it time to forget this install system? I mean, look at the mess and Microsoft has been at this for decades and you are still reading postings like this.