Yeah, I have a new computer already...

by budbd - 3/24/13 9:36 AM

In Reply to: More than likely by Jimmy Greystone

Yeah, I already have a new desktop Gateway Acer with hdmi I bought in late November, but so far I only fout $45 extra in the old computer, and of course its nice to have a backup computer or one I can view suspiscious content, I mean, something go onto my newer computer twice, finally figured out the brand new Norton antivirus was no good, I really know win xp real well, and I actually own all the discs for reinstallation and such, I need to order the backup discs from gateway, $20, I no longer trust to use the 16 bg chip they encourage to buy, who knows, maybe something is on the new computer I don't know of, eh.

Oh, I do have a Pentium 4 on the old computer, I did erase the browsing history, helped somewhat. See, the big problem is that I have a nice older workhorse HP 6mp lazer printer with two unopened toner cartridges, and I like to print alot of stuff due to migraines, its hard for me to stare at computer screens, its a migraine trigger, eye strain and such, and the old printer uses a parallel port, and the old p4 system has a parallel port, its that simple. I print out sometimes hundreds of pages at a time to read, I got enough lazer jet 6mp supplies to last me like almost ten thousand more pages of print, I don't want to lose that. Now, the viewing of videos, I know, its really stretching it for that old computer.

I did decide that if I got a 10/100/1000 ethernet port and a better video card, things could be possibly better or cleared up, or the router thing, I don't have any other wi fi devices other than a kindle reader in the home, but it has 3g wireless, but the wifi thing, I haven't owned one of those before, I have both computer sitting side by side, I am unsure if I can just plug in both computers via ethernet cables to a router, with an improved ethernet card at 1000, or forget the new ethernet card and just get a router, a usb transmitter plug in.

Yeah, I just hate wasting more money, as it is now, I can print anyway, and if my new computer goes down, I have the spare ready to go in case I have an ebay auction going or such, my main fear. Was gonna use the old computer as a dvr, I used to record tv shows if I had to watch something else in another room, its better than vhs tape, ya know.

Ah well, I have learned a thing or two, wished I could just throw money around if I could afford it for a high end agp card and improved ethernet card, probably already need the router stuff anyway.