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by pdh1945 - 3/13/13 3:38 PM

In Reply to: From memory. by R. Proffitt Moderator

The laptop monitor shows greyed out selection boxes with check marks in each box. I get the desktop on the new monitor but when I run a program, email, etc. it only shows on the laptop monitor. When I say new monitor.... I did have a desktop monitor in use with the laptop, and everything worked fine. This problem has only occurred when I upgraded my desktop monitor. I have installed the latest bios and video drivers today with no change in the problem. Laptop is a 4 year old Dell Latitude 131L. Older monitor a 17" Vison LCD. Newer monitor Asus VS228 21.5" LED. I have read all tech support pages on the above and find no no-no's concerning hardware/driver compatibility anywhere. Hmmmm..... should have said all that in the first post.

Thanks for your help.