lips and voice are out of sync watching hulu

by rhodeyes1 - 4/8/12 3:44 PM

Recently I started having a problem with watching hulu(a tv site). The voice of an actor comes about 1/2 second or more before the lips move.This happens when I go to full screen.I don't notice much of a problem if any if I'm not in full screen but the viewing area is too small to enjoy much.I have a 19" LCD monitor.My computer has a 3000 gHz processor and 2 gigs of ram so I don't think that is the problem.The problem was worse before I clicked off the hardware acceleation on the hulu video player but the sync is still off by 1/2 to 1 second as i mentioned.Is there anything I can do for it? I also ran Ccleaner and turned off other programs that were running except for my outlook express email..I didn't used to have the problem but if I did it wasn't noticable.Maybe the sync was off just a small fraction of a second so I have hopes that someone can find a solution.Thank you Oh, I just thought of trying a different site and the same thing happens watching a youtube video.