by jessix1 - 10/26/11 12:59 PM

In Reply to: multimedia video controller by steinbej

You need to download and install the Broadcom Crystal HD VIDEO CONTROLLER DRIVERS from the Broadcom site: The drivers you need are the "". These are HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO DECODER DRIVERS

DELL does not have these drivers listed on their support site with the other mini 1012 drivers and the DELL technicians in tech support have no idea of what they are, Over 5 visits to tech support and techs continued to load and reload evey single driver listed on their site and some others - none of which were the correct ones. The yellow warning explanation point in the Device Manager remained - for over a month.

It may be that these drivers are necessary for the optional 1366 x 768 high definition screen on the 1012. This may be why DELL forgot to include them with the normal assortment of 1012 drivers on their site. I had to run all my videos at the lowest setting to get motion pictures until I reinstalled these drivers.

I hope nobody's been waiting for this answer since 2006. I finally found the answer from a post dated 2009 after hours of searching Gopgle. No thanks to DELL.