Conduit Engine hooks into browsers without permission !

by jfreuler - 4/24/11 9:21 PM

In Reply to: Conduit Engine by bundyland

I got this unwanted tool by downloading and installing a freeware program.
After some investigation I discovered that the Conduit Engine add-on helps web sites SILENTLY install 3rd party code into your system and hooks their tools into your browsers.
In other words, the Conduit engine hooks into browsers, tracks searches, and can download other add-ons WITHOUT PERMISSION. It reset my default home and search pages too.
I consider that to be malicious behavior.
Do you really like apps or add-ons from sites you visit being silently installed without letting you know ?

And what's worse, the Conduit Engine uninstall doesn't delete all the entries that they hook into the registry, their Program Files folders, or clean-up their browser add-on entries.