I have resently watched to computers die from sp3

please do your research and find out why. My father and I both work on our own computers and went to college for computer repair. My father is disabled, and so am I. I am paraplegic and a shut in. My father and I depend on our computers, I am on a laptop I have had to do some work on for someone. I have been trying to fix our computers. I am at a loss, not just because of our computers but how this happened. My father and were upgrading when we lost our systems, mine only two years old. Both computers xp athalon systems. I am little upset, of course because my father and will have to be without now, It will take us along time to be able to repair or replace our systems. I am not writing for sympathy, I just want to add a different Idea to the real need and understanding the trust we put in upgrading our software. So please do me a favor and find out why. thank you