Netflix network interference

I have a 55" samsung 9000 series with a at&t gateway router and i get those messages alllll the time when im trying to stream. I usually have to turn the tv off and back on to reset the internetTV, wich is annoying. I recently was reading my owners manual and it said to switch The communication protocol wich is usually IEEE 802.11A/B/G/N wich are all supported by samsung(so the book says). However it does NOT support IEE 802.11B/G setting. Its says the video will not play smoothly in the protocol. I changed my protocol to B and G both by them selves because my gateway doesn't offer the N protocol wich of course is the recomended protocol. Now that i swtiched that it won't stream at all anad constantly says "network interference" always.

Needless to say im pissed off for spending 5 thousand dollars for the tv and a warranty and i can't even stream normally. I'm going to look into getting a gateway with the "N" protocol and see what happens.

If anyone has advice please share, and i will do the same if i figure out anymore information on this interference issue.( I live in an apt complex so i don't know if theres to many other routers around or what???? who knows...)