Samsung Flat screen TV capacitor problem, would not turn on

by cjb1982 - 9/23/10 6:24 PM

In Reply to: Not sure... by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

We actually had a very positive experience this week. Our 3 year old 42 inch flat screen LCD TV starting having issues and by Monday would not turn on. We heard a clicking sound. We researched the problem and after reading many comments it did not sound positive. I called Samsung Monday eve. and she said our model was not on the list for free repair but told me to call back the next day. I did and the person was very helpful and said they would repair it for free if it was the capacitor. If it wasn't we would have to pay. She connected me with a company in Lancaster, PA, Radio Active Repair. I received a call that day. The repairman came today, Thursday and replaced the swollen capacitors and the tV is working like new. All this occured in less than a week. Samsung did stand behind its product.