Dooms day !

by Daopa - 7/11/10 2:47 PM

In Reply to: Yes I understand by MarkFlax Moderator

Mark, two days to go on this SP3 saga.

In the mean time, I was able to update two of my Athlon machines and they are fine. The third one must have had a hardware conflict, I must have tried at least ten times to get it to see SP2 then SP3 but I got stumped at SP2. Strange, it took SP1a like nobody's business.

It has been relegated to a test machine status, I have given it to a friend who likes to putter around on HDDs using Spinright and he only needs RAM, I gave him a 7 GBs HDD and 2 megs of RAM. He is happy with it, some good came out of this.

Thanks for letting me in, great site, great users.

Godspeed to you, JP.