Re: Why Can't I right click my Desktop Icons???????????????

ModName: cnvshell.dll
Sounds like cnvshell.dll is corrupt.
Your screen goes blank because explorer.exe controls and displays your desktop items, startbar, file explorer, etc... so when it terminates everything disapears except your background image.
idk if you can replace cnvshell.dll because explorer needs it to run or maybe it doesnt and just uses it for right-clicks. I know cnvshell is in %homedrive%\windows\system32 and so is explorer.exe.
I would try replacing it with one from the dll website(search google for cnvshell.dll) and if that doesnt work, backup, and start over with a fresh install. Also make two partitions when you install
1.2gigs, install windows on this one. of drive, apps and other files.
so just incase something like this happens again you can reinstall xp on the 1st partition and keep your data on the 2nd