Unarchiving a user profile?

by janetton - 6/7/09 9:49 PM

I'm not certain what exactly happened to my computer, but I had a lot of random files just saved on my desktop. I think i selected all of it, hit properties and the properties menu came up and I clicked on HIDDEN. A small pop-up window came up and started showing that it was moving files or archiving them or something - but I don't remember exactly what it said, but I recall noticing that this was going on and canceling it when it was probably doing this between 5-10 minutes.

After it finished, all my desktop file icons were no longer on my desktop. My favorites list on internet explorer is completely missing as well. When I go to windows explorer and look for the Administrator file folder at C:\Documents and Settings, only the ALL USERS and OWNER folders are there. The administrator file is completely missing. Is there any way to retrieve this folder? It contained a lot of files and favorite links that I have collected and still need.

The other problem is that some other application files must have gotten archived along the way because I am unable to use any of my Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications because it says that I am missing some application library files. I reinstalled the Adobe softwares, but I still get the same error message and I think it was due to "losing" the Administrator folder...

I don't want to reformat my computer until I first retrieve the lost data.


thanks, janet