wmpnetwk.exe keeps tying up my resources!!!

by NLFlower - 1/1/07 11:28 AM

Hello to all and Happy New Year!!! I noticed lately my computer has been really dragging. At some point I decided to do the ctrl-alt-del thing and noticed in the "processes" list that there was something called wmpnetwk.exe that was using up all of the processor. I wasn't sure what it was at first (thought maybe malware), but after checking out some search links I'm under the impression it is something related to media sharing with WMP11. I've had WMP installed for awhile and this just started recently. Severaly times I've ended the process, but as soon as I notice my computer dragging again, I check and I see the wmpnetwk.exe process running. How to I shut it down? I'm guessing it is required for some things, but can I put it temporarily on hold until I actually need it? Thanks for any help you can provide. Consider me an intermediate level (in terms of knowledge) end user. Thanks again.

WinXP Pro SP2