Windows Me IE6 online goes crazy slow, hangs

by geegray - 9/21/10 1:01 PM

We're on dialup, using an Emachine running Windows Me, with Internet Explorer 6 as our browser. Our onine experience is frustrating. Some websites open SO slowly, then some elements are incomplete, other sites open fairly quickly, but moving up and down the page stalls, even in our home page's Yahoo search results page takes forever to scroll, and when typing in info the cursor waits before words come up. Being online is an endless hang.

We are using this machine while our newer one is in the shop. We quit using this one after about five years, had to reinstall from disk a few times, so it had problems when we set this one aside. Dialup is slow, we're used to it, but this problem is quite different. I am hoping we have some setting wrong, maybe need to delete some driver/program/update, who knows. Plez give us some tips. Thank you for any advice. GG