Trouble with putting music from comp to sd memory card

by gp87 - 12/22/08 2:48 PM

In Reply to: make and model by JAPrncss73

I have a motorola moto w755 and I have a 2gb memory card for it for vcast, but the verizon guy said that I would be able to put music on there from my windows media player as long as i put it into a seperate folder. The windows media player recognizes the sd memory card to sync music onto it. I went to the sync bar, put all of the music I wanted to on it, then it synced for me. I opened the tad on the start menu that says "my computer" I clicked it, I found my memory card, clicked upon it, then there were folders that said "my_music", my_pics, my_sounds, then another folder that I had put all of the music into that said "my music" so I put the "my music" folder into the "my_music" folder thinking it wouldnt be that big of a deal. I then took out the memory card from my laptop and put it into my phone, it recognizes the card, but no music is found. If you could help please let me know, thanks!