Common sense

by dnetNuby - 10/21/12 8:09 AM

In Reply to: And I thought I was stubborn by Pepe7

Pepe7, I like to separate fact from opinion. I wasn't really asking a question in that post, just stating limitations on what I was able to find in the limited time that I had, and speculating on vague possibilities of how CIQ gathered info might be acquired by interested parties. The possibilities, I agree, are common sense -- meaning that people like you or I can have opinions of how likely those possibilities are. We might even agree that they are very likely. Whether they actually happen, however, is not a matter of opinion. Whether there are even strong indications of the likelihood can be considered by some to be fact, but I wasn't even commenting on that. I was merely stating what I was able (and unable) to find with extremely limited time.