Good, cheap mobile wifi device

by AM709 - 2/15/10 1:46 PM

Alright, I'm looking into getting a decent, but cheap mobile wifi capable device. I've tried doing my own research but with so many devices that fall into this category its not an easy task. Basically I need mobile web (would like to be able to watch online video, but not a requirement), and the ability to sue mobile versions of the popular messengers (AIM, Yahoo, MSN). I'd get an iPod Touch but I can't afford that now nor for awhile (flying up to Maryland in the summer so a fair amount of money is going there). New or used, old or new, it doesn't matter, as long as it can use wifi and mobile web (I use 802.11 b/g, so I'd prefer an 802.11g capable device). I'm looking into PDAs, hence posting this in this forum section. Can anyone point me to some good devices?