Another E2 resurrection

by Yethu - 10/26/07 7:43 PM

In Reply to: WOO-HOO! Brought my dead E2 back to life as well! by phidler

Additional possible lessons:

I suspect that the problem is that the plastic switch on top gets stuck, draining the battery.

You may be able to use a tiny eye-glass repair kit screwdriver if you don't have a Torx 5.
[I reassembled it with that, but I haven't tested opening with it.]

I unscrewed the back.
(Notice how the plastic switch works or doesn't.)
Lift, pushing out toward plugs.

(This step may be unnecessary if the problem is just the switch.)
I used tweezers to pull the battery connection up. Then reconnect.

I recharged directly from a travel plug.
(Direct cable connection should work; I couldn't charge from cradle.)

I reassembled, making sure the switch moves freely.

Please report back here....