WOO-HOO! Brought my dead E2 back to life as well!

by phidler - 10/1/07 9:36 PM

In Reply to: Fixed my dead E2 by djy888

I got joy here as well! I didn't have a Torx #5, but much to my surprise, the 1.4mm slotted driver from my basic Stanley small driver set fit the Torx screws perfectly, and they turned easily. A bit tough splitting the clam, but once I did, everything seemed self-explanatory (after reading the tutorial linked above). There's an ivory-colored plastic block that terminates the black and red leads from the battery; it pries straight up with the same screwdriver. I reconnected it within a minute, and the screen came on, and with a full battery. Best yet--to my complete and utter amazement--all the data were there (including a week of client notes I hadn't yet backed up)!

Of course, PalmOne support would never mention this option. They advised me to buy a new one...