Possible cause of this problem

by barry18 - 1/19/07 1:48 PM

In Reply to: Palm Tungsten E2 won't turn on by Jane917

I too have had my E2 in a state where it would not turn on until I opened the case, unplugged the battery connection to the circuit board, and then reconnected the battery. This has happened twice in the approximately 60 days I have owned my E2. The most recent incident resulted in a bootup Windows error message telling me I had a defective device connected to a USB port. Removing the E2 from the sync cable cleared the fault. Then I tried to turn on the E2, and it would not respond. Since I generally leave the E2 connected to my computer, it is often attached when I power down. I'm starting to suspect I have a Windows XP Pro interface problem which is sometimes causing the lockup of my E2. I'm going to make an effort to remove my E2 from the sync cable before shutting down my computer to see if the lockup problem goes away.

Does anyone else have ideas as to the cause of the E2 lockup?